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Abbe Hills Farm sells vegetables to the public nearly every Friday afternoon, 4:00 until 6:00, from June to September.  Everyone is welcome.  We sell whatever produce we have available in excess of the needs of our CSA.  Watch the farm Facebook page to confirm that we will be open and to find out exactly what we'll have each week.

Summer Jobs for Students

Abbe Hills Farm CSA, near Mt. Vernon, Iowa, hires summer workers. Job announcements for college age workers and high school age workers explain the application process.  

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Winter Farmers Markets, Saturdays, 10:00 til noon

We're bringing delicious potatoes, eggs when we have plenty.  Hope we see you at the Community Center at Mt. Vernon, just east of downtown.  Come by and register for the 2017 CSA season.

Eggs for Sale


There are lots of lovely eggs, $3.50 per dozen. Eggs are in the garage.  Email first to make sure the door is unlocked when you want to come. 

The chickens are famous!  Watch this little video to see how Abbe Hills Farm layers spend most of their lives - on a yummy pasture.

Welcome to Abbe Hills Farm

Thank your for checking out Abbe Hills Farm CSA and Abbe Hills OP.  We've had to temporarily move our website to  Everything you need to know for the 2017 CSA season, including the registration form, is available there.  And it's friendly to your mobile phone! As soon as we work out the technical details, we'll move back to  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Technology!  It's a challenge!


Abbe Hills Farm CSA has served families in the Mount Vernon, Lisbon, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, area with fresh, tasty, healthy vegetables since 1996. In 2016, Laura Krouse and her team will grow vegetables for about 200 shareholder families for 20 weeks from late May until the middle of October. 

Members are the priority

Growing for the CSA is Laura's primary responsibility. The CSA always gets first harvest of everything grown, and nearly everything that the gardens produce. Not every CSA has this philosophy. You help Laura by committing to a share and absorbing some of the financial risk of farming, and she helps you by providing the very best food she can – food that keeps you healthy, produced in a manner that is environmentally sustainable, by workers who are fairly paid, and at an affordable price to you. 

Open Pollinated Seed Corn

Abbe Hills Farm is also the home of Abbe Hill Open Pollinated Seed Corn.  The heirloom yellow dent corn has been grown on this eastern Iowa farm since 1903.  Open pollination (OP) is an ancient technique for making improvements in our food crops.  The wind is responsible for moving pollen around the field each July, while Laura is responsible for selecting the best ears to save for seed for the following year.  Seed for Abbe Hills OP is sold all over the upper Midwest to farmers who want the best quality feed for their livestock.